Thermally Efficient Glazing Solutions

Thermal Insulation

Thermally insulating glass, also known as low emissivity or low-e glass, when present within an insulating glass unit configuration provides lower thermal transmittance, and so reduced heat loss from buildings. BY reducing heat loss, heating costs are also reduced.

Modern coatings, such as the SGG PLANITHERM are designed for high levels of light and solar energy transmittance, as well as thermal insulation. These products are primarily designed for the residential market.

Solar control coatings such as the SGG COOL-LITE range are designed to offer high selectivity, so higher light transmittance with lower solar gain, again with thermal insulation.

Low emissivity coatings can be applied to, or combined with, many other products for multi-functional glazing, offering low-maintenance performance, noise reduction and enhanced safety and security.