Noise is a high factor of stress. It is possible to maintain a quiet interior space using efficient glazing adapted to the noise context where your glazing application is located. Noises can be very different. This ranges from urban traffic noise to the noise of an aircraft travelling overhead, as well as other general noise sources such as crowds of people and nearby worksites.

A standard double-glazing unit is generally not enough to cut noise levels. There is a very broad range of solutions to match the level of acoustic insulation glazing needed depending on the type of exterior noise pollution. The more the glazing of a building is exposed, the more important it is to select a glazing solution with a high acoustic performance. Double-glazing that includes acoustic insulation glazing laminated glass, like STADIP SILENCE, can significantly reduce the amount of noise pollution entering the glazing.



We spend a lot of our time indoors.  There are many factors that influence how we feel inside a building, including the overall aesthetic, successful interior design, balanced noise levels or acoustics and natural levels of light.  A well designed and constructed space can enhance our sense of comfort and wellbeing, helping to improve health and productivity; important across all building sectors.  

It's the balance of the key factors below that provides overall comfort.

STADIP SILENCE forms part of the Saint-Gobain laminated glass range, which in combination with other products can also offer;

  • Solar control, when coated with, or used in conjunction with products coated with, the COOL-LITE range.
  • Thermal insulation when coated with, or used in conjunction with products coated with, the COOL-LITE or PLANITHERM range.


STADIP SILENCE can be used in many applications, combining optimum acoustic performance with the same safety properties as STADIP or STADIP PROTECT.

When used in double-glazed form for external facades or windows, STADIP SILENCE considerably reduces noise from outside in commercial or residential buildings located in noisy areas (close to main roads, motorways, railway stations, airports, etc.). Overhead glazing STADIP SILENCE provides protection against impact noise from rain on windows and overhead glazing.

Used for internal applications such as partitions, interpreter booths and meeting rooms, STADIP SILENCE can offer privacy and reduced noise in the workplace.



Safety glass, which will be either toughened or laminated, depending on where and how it is being used, protects from the risk of serious injury caused by accidental breakage or impact. When it breaks, it breaks safely thus protecting against the risk of serious injury.

Laminated glass, such as STADIP SILENCE, contains a polymeric interlayer, designed to retain sections of glass in the event of fracture, and so prevent shards separating from the main body of the glass. Laminated glass also provides an enhanced level of protection where there is a change in level, and so a risk of falling, or where there is a potential for objects to fall from height onto occupied areas below.

The type and level of safety can vary from one project to the next. Saint-Gobain Glass always recommend seeking advice from one our Technical Specification Managers (TSM) before you proceed with a particular glass type.



Security rated glass can help protect against break-in attempts or vandalism by delaying, or even preventing, penetration through the glass. The STADIP SILENCE product range comprises of laminated glasses that can offer additional security benefits.



Saint-Gobain Glass is leading the industry in the design and manufacture of sustainable building glass.

Saint-Gobain Glass products are manufactured using a minimum of 30% recycled content.