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In many locations, defined by local Building Regulations, glass at risk of human impact must break safely, or not break, in order to protect occupants from harm.

Safety glass, typically thermally toughened or laminated, such as SGG STADIP, break safely, protecting from cutting and piercing injuries commonly associated with annealed glass types.

Thermally toughened glass protects from injury by breaking in a manner which results in small, relatively blunt, fragments. Common applications include doors, glass table tops and shower screens and overhead glazing.

Laminated glass, assembled using a polymeric interlayer, breaks safely by the retention of glass when fractured. This offers the added benefit of containment through lack of penetration, and so is a safer option where guarding is required, or overhead glazing needs to protect occupants from falling objects.

Both thermally toughened and laminated glass types can be combined with coatings for thermal insulation and solar control.

Browse the documents within this section for guidance on safety glass types, and requirements for buildings.


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