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SGG SATINOVO MATT has a distinctive, uniformly smooth and satin-like appearance. A translucent product, it emits light whilst providing obscuration and vision control. SGG SATINOVO MATT is produced by acid-etching one face of SGG PLANICLEAR float glass or SGG DIAMANT extra clear glass.

On request SGG PARSOL body-tinted glass can also be etched to produce coloured SGG SATINOVO MATT.

SGG SATINOVO MATT is intended primarily for interior applications and offers the same benefits of flexibility of processing and installation, durability and maintenance as with ordinary float glass.



Whether we're at home, at work, at school, in hospital or in any other kind of building, there are many factors that enhance or detract from our overall sense of comfort and wellbeing – including things like aesthetics, interior design, convenience and ease of maintenance.

It's the balance of the key factors below that provides overall comfort – and helps us to feel good.

SGG SATINOVO MATT forms part of the Saint-Gobain decorative glass range, which in combination with other products can also offer;

  • Noise reduction, when used in conjunction or applied to SGG STADIP SILENCE
  • Safety and Security, when used in conjunction with products from the SGG STADIP range
  • Thermal insulation when used in conjunction with the SGG PLANITHERM range
  • Solar control when used in conjunction with the SGG COOL-LITE range.



SGG SATINOVO MATT can be used in numerous interior design applications in both residential and commercial settings:

  • Doors
  • Shower screens and enclosures
  • Partitions and interior screens
  • Furniture, e.g. cupboard doors, shelves, tables
  • Wall cladding
  • Signage
  • Balustrades and guarding
  • Shopfitting: displays and counter tops

It can also be used in external glazing, in windows and doors for example. We recommend that the etched surface of the glass faces either the inside of the sealed unit or the inside of the building if single glazed.

SGG SATINOVO MATT can be used to create stunning aesthetic effects, diffusing light and emitting a purity of colour.

In both interior screens and external glazing, SGG SATINOVO MATT provides privacy by obscuring unwanted attention and distractions, without compromising light levels. It has similar light transmittance figures to the equivalent thickness of ordinary float glass.

Thanks to its satin-smooth surface, SGG SATINOVO MATT does not mark with dirt or fingerprints for example, as readily as traditional acid etched and sandblasted glass.

A low maintenance product, any surface marks that may eventually form are easily removed, facilitating installation and longevity of appearance. These properties are inherent to the glass - no additional surface treatments are required.

As an annealed glass, SGG SATINOVO MATT can be cut, drilled, notched, edgeworked, bevelled, screen-printed, toughened and laminated.


Performance Table

Performance Table

The below table provides performance values for selected SGG SATINOVO thicknesses.



Visible Light

Transmittance (%)

4 mm/td> 89
6 mm/td> 88
10 mm/td> 86


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Safety glass, which will be either toughened or laminated, depending on where and how it is being used, protects from the risk of serious injury caused by accidental breakage or impact. When it breaks, it breaks safely thus protecting against the risk of serious injury.

The types of safety glass have different benefits:

  • Toughened glass fractures into small relatively blunt fragments upon failure, preventing cutting and piercing injuries associated with large shards of annealed glass.
  • Laminated glass contains a polymeric interlayer, designed to retain sections of glass in the event of fracture, and so prevent shards separating from the main body of the glass. Laminated glass also provides an enhanced level of protection where there is a change in level, and so a risk of falling, or where there is a potential for objects to fall from height onto occupied areas below.

The type and level of safety can vary from one project to the next. Saint-Gobain Building Glass always recommend seeking advice from one our Specification Managers before you proceed with a particular glass type.

Where it is required to act as a safety glass, SGG SATINOVO MATT can be tempered, or laminated with the textured surface away from the interlayer.



Security rated glass can help protect against break-in attempts or vandalism by delaying, or even preventing, penetration through the glass in the event of forced break in or damage.

The SGG STADIP product range comprises of laminated glasses that, when certified, offer additional security benefits.

SGG SATINOVO MATT can be used in conjunction with SGG STADIP the inner pane of an insulating glass unit, with SGG SATINOVO MATT as the external pane.

Alternatively, SGG SATINOVO MATT can be laminated, with the patterned surface away from the interlayer.