New Glass For Facades Brochure

Market leading technical and specification service

Saint-Gobain Glass UK & Ireland has launched a new, commercial sector focused brochure, to help stakeholders throughout the commercial glazing supply chain understand more about glazing, and the unique products, and services offered by Saint-Gobain Glass.

The Glass For Facades brochure provides a guide to the commercial sector products and services offered by Saint-Gobain Glass, to help in the design, specification, processing and installation of Saint-Gobain's high performance glazing solutions.

In the brochure you'll find a wide range of useful information including:

  • Product performance information to help in the selection of glazing that delivers a range of benefits, including solar control, thermal insulation, noise reduction and improved security.
  • Examples of across sector building projects featuring Saint-Gobain Glass products, that demonstrate how Saint-Gobain Glass products consistently deliver on performance, safety and sustainability.
  • Details of Saint-Gobain Glass' sustainability initiatives and the drive to create a circular economy for building glass.
  • Information regarding Saint-Gobain Glass UK's market leading specification service that is backed by a legally compliant process, technical documents and calculation tools.
  • Guidance to support the specification of specialist glazing solutions, including overlength glass, spandrels and fragile roof glazing.

Take a look at the brochure and download your copy by following this link: