Improved processing, sustainability and visual quality

EASYPRO is a unique, temporary, protective coating, developed by Saint-Gobain Glass, that protects solar control coated glass, from coating application to tempering.  The revolutionary coating cuts plastic waste and provides effective protection against mechanical damage and the deterioration of solar control coatings during transport, storage and processing.  The coating is removed during the tempering process, simply burning off without leaving any residue on the glass, inside the furnace or in the atmosphere.

EASYPRO delivers numerous benefits.  It not only cuts processing time and plastic waste, the coating can help distribute heat across glass to enable even tempering, helping to reduce visual distortion in processed glass, including anisotropy; creating visually beautiful glazing and facades. 

Key Benefits of EASYPRO

Protect glass during transportation and processing

EASYPRO is applied on top of Saint-Gobain Glass solar control coatings, covering and protecting COOL-LITE coatings from surface scratches caused by transportation, processing including cutting or edge-working and storage and handling using racks or trolleys.  The coating enables greater flexibility when processing glass, helping designers, processors and fabricators to push the boundaries of creativity using glass in various shapes and sizes, including overlength formats.

Increase the shelf-life of coated glass

EASYPRO significantly extends the shelf-life of coated glass, making Saint-Gobain glass the sustainable and economical option when selecting a solar control glass.

  • EASYPRO coated glass has a shelf-life of up to one year.  
  • Unprocessed, solar control glass with an intact EASYPRO coating can be stored for up to 12 months.  
  • Cut glass with an EASYPRO coating can be stored for up to 2 weeks, a significant increase from the maximum 8 hours stand down time recommended for glass without an EASYPRO coating.  
  • EASYPRO is much better at preventing air and moisture damage to the solar control coating than protective, plastic films that can be applied to glass.

Reduce plastic waste

EASYPRO is a robust coating that helps prevent damage to Saint-Gobain Glass solar control coatings.  Packs of glass can be delivered unsealed with no cover sheets or plastic films that need to be removed and disposed of, eliminating plastic waste.  The risks associated with removing plastic films from glass in preparation for processing are avoided, helping to improve safety and speed up safe, handling times.

Optimise the tempering process

EASYPRO helps to improve the processing time of coated glass, reducing tempering cycle times by up to 20%, depending on the type of tempering furnace used.  Along with this gain in productivity, EASYPRO can enable additional energy saving benefits, as glass with an EASYPRO coating can be processed at lower temperatures than typically used when tempering solar control glass.

Improve the quality of processed glass

EASYPRO contributes to the improved consistency and visual quality of glass after tempering, and helps to reduce anisotropy, a phenomenon sometimes seen in glass that has been tempered.  The coating helps in the even heating and cooling of glass during tempering, making the process more stable.
By reducing defects caused by processing, EASYPRO can help to reduce the need for glazing unit remakes due to quality issues, minimising the requirement for glass manufacture and the knock on effects on the glass supply chain, including transportation and waste management.

Technical information

EASYPRO features as standard on a number of to-be-tempered products produced by Saint-Gobain Glass, including:

  • Saint-Gobain COOL-LITE XTREME II product range
  • Saint-Gobain COOL-LITE SKN II product range
  • EASYPRO also features on-demand on a range of other to-be-tempered product produced by Saint-Gobain Glass.

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Saint-Gobain Glass EASYPRO protective coating features on a range of temperable products including:

  • COOL-LITE SKN II range

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No, as the EASYPRO coating is removed during the tempering process.

Most of Saint-Gobain Glass to-be-tempered products from the COOL-LITE XTREME II and COOL-LITE SKN II ranges feature a protective EASYPRO coating. The EASYPRO coating is visible on the glass, it has a dark coloured, blurry appearance.

EASYPRO delivers numerous benefits when considering the optimisation of logistics, handling and processing of to-be-tempered, coated glass:  

  • The glass is protected with EASYPRO until tempering which prevents scratches, meaning less rejects.
  • EASYPRO replaces cover sheets and packs of glass are delivered on float liners unsealed, which can help optimise the logistics process and save time unloading.  It also helps to speed up safe handling times when processing glass.
  • By removing the need for cover sheets and plastic films, EASYPRO helps cut down waste, reducing waste management costs and helping towards sustainability targets.
  • When processing coated glass, EASYPRO helps to reduce tempering cycle times by up to 20%, depending on the tempering furnace used.

Saint-Gobain high performance glass, coated with EASYPRO is very robust.  It is transported without edge sealing and cover sheets.

When loading and unloading, suction cups can be used on both sides of the glass.

When unstacking, as with all glass, safety and the prevention of damage is key.  Automatic unstacking of glass sheets or the use of a glass clamp is possible, as long as the clamp is in a safe, compliant condition.

Saint-Gobain high performance coated glass, protected with an EASYPRO coating has a shelf life of one year when stored completely unprocessed (uncut, unwashed and not edge deleted).

When cut, glass protected with EASYPRO can be stored for up to two weeks.

No, the dust generated during edge deletion is not hazardous to health.  EASYPRO complies with REACH regulations and is free of hazardous substances.

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No, during the tempering process EASYPRO does not leave a residue in the tempering furnace.  During tempering the EASYPRO coating burns away.  Testing has confirmed there is no significant difference in particle concentration or VOC concentration before and after the tempering process is complete.

If you require support to set up your tempering furnace to process Saint-Gobain glass products please get in touch.  Our technical and product support teams are happy to help.

Saint-Gobain Glass high performance coatings are robust to tempering when configured for to-be-tempered products.

EASYPRO can help improve the visual quality of glass post tempering, reducing anisotropy or distortion.

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