BIOCLEAN is a low-maintenance, self-cleaning glass manufactured by depositing a transparent and permanent layer of photocatalytic and hydrophilic material onto the exterior face of glass. The combined natural action of the sun and the rain keeps the glass cleaner for longer and makes it easier to clean.

The BIOCLEAN range consists of products that offer different colour options and performance benefits


We spend a lot of our time indoors.  There are many factors that influence how we feel inside a building, including the overall aesthetic, successful interior design, balanced noise levels or acoustics and natural levels of light.  A well designed and constructed space can enhance our sense of comfort and wellbeing, helping to improve health and productivity; important across all building sectors.  It's the balance of influencing factors that provides overall comfort.

BIOCLEAN coated glass can be used in combination with other products to provide a range of benefits including solar control to reduce overheating and thermal insulation to maintain internal temperatures and reduce heating costs.

BIOCLEAN has been designed for external use, either for application in residential or non-residential buildings, including:

  • Windows, roof windows, bay windows
  • Conservatories, roof and patio doors
  • Glazed facades, skylights, overhead and atria glazing

In both residential and commercial buildings, cleaning windows can be a huge task, whether for the occupant or the building owner, in terms of maintenance cost. Thanks to the hydrophilic and photocatalytic properties of the coating on the glass, BIOCLEAN delivers benefits to both the cleaning and associated drawbacks of cleaning glass. The coating is permanent. BIOCLEAN functionality will remain the same over the life of the glazing. The coating is highly transparent. The principle of BIOCLEAN relies on the natural action of the sun and the rain (or water).

BIOCLEAN harnesses the UV rays present in daylight (photocatalysis) to efficiently break down organic dirt and grime located on the exterior face of the glass. Then, thanks to the hydrophilic property, rain (or water) forms a sheet of water across the glass and washes away the broken- down organic dirt and mineral materials.

These combined properties allow:

  • Ease of maintenance. any dirt that does appear on the glass is much easier to remove
  • Less maintenance. The need to clean the glass is significantly reduced along with maintenance bills.
  • A clearer view. Due to the clarity of the glass, you can now enjoy a clearer view.

*BIOCLEAN is a low-maintenance glass coating, therefore some level of maintenance is still required.