Spandrels and Shadowboxes

Spandrel glass or non-vision glass is used on buildings to conceal essential components from view, such as floor levels, columns, ventilation systems, wiring and pipes. Used mainly for curtain walling and structural glazing, spandrel glass is a common component of building design. It is typically opaque glass located below the transparent, vision glass on each floor of the building. Spandrel glass is often necessary to achieve the vision of the architect or designer to create a consistent, fully glazed building façade. It can be complementary or contrasting in colour and texture made using various technologies and finishes.

Saint-Gobain Glass can provide support to architects, specifiers and glass processors looking to match or contrast spandrel and vision glass within a façade. 

To access relevant supporting information, take a look at the following documents, projects and related Saint-Gobain Glass products.  If you require help with specification, please contact a member of the Saint-Gobain Glass Technical Specification team to discuss your project.