Overlength Glazing

Overlength glazing is an aspirational feature for many building projects.  In response to this growing trend, Saint-Gobain Glass can provide a wide range of overlength glass, in sizes up to 18 metres in length.  It can be used to create impressive interior and exterior glazing features. Working in large scale provides numerous benefits, and with the right technical and logistical support can be delivered much more simply than anticipated.

Saint-Gobain Glass can help you to work with high performance coated, overlength glass, to facilitate the creation of exceptional buildings that are sustainable in their creation and ongoing performance, when considering thermal insulation or solar control to limit overheating on hot, sunny days.

To access relevant supporting information, take a look at the following documents, projects and related Saint-Gobain Glass products.  If you require help with specification, please contact a member of the Saint-Gobain Glass Technical Specification team to discuss your project.

For more information, please visit - https://www.saint-gobain.com/en/overlength-18-meter-tall-glass