Curtain Walling

Curtain walling is the glazed or in-filled façade of a building that is non-structural.  It is used to form a barrier to protect the interior of the building from the elements. Curtain walling is different from storefront systems as curtain walls are designed to span across multiple floors.  Because of this, creating lightweight curtain walling systems is key, which is why most are formed using an aluminium frame, partnered with coated glass. By using high performance, coated glass, curtain walling creates an aesthetically pleasing façade that enables high levels of light to fill the interior space, whilst preventing over-heating.

When specifying curtain wall glazing it’s important to consider various mechanical, safety and security implications, based on the use of the building and the loads that will affect the system.  Saint-Gobain Glass has been used to create curtain walling on a range of commercial building projects, including offices, health centres and mixed use buildings that combine residential space with commercial space such as retail areas, restaurants or offices.

To access relevant supporting information, take a look at the following documents, projects and related Saint-Gobain Glass products.  If you require help with specification, please contact a member of the Saint-Gobain Glass Technical Specification team to discuss your project.