Apps & Tools

Downloadable Apps

Saint-Gobain provides an array of Apps to help with glass and glazing specifications, to understand our products better, or to showcase projects where our glass has been used. Please browse below for the current Apps available from Saint-Gobain Building Glass.

Acoustic Calculator

The acoustic calculator lets you search by glazing parameters and acoustic requirements for suitable solutions.



For every technical detail of your glazing. CalumenLive will help you to find and evaluate the most suitable options.



GlassPro is an interactive software which simulates a realistic image of different glazing products on facades of buildings.


Glass Facade

Glass Façade is a portfolio of all our projects from world over incorporating our finest range of exterior glass products.


Glass Vision

Using the inbuilt camera of your mobile device, Glass Vision allows you to view our interior products in your current surroundings.


Glass Compass

Thanks to the Saint-Gobain Glass Compass, you can easily determine the best performing glazing for your windows based on your location.


Glass Design

A visual showcase of some of Saint-Gobain's Design & Decor projects featuring Saint-Gobain Glass products.


Glass dbStation

dBStation audibly demonstrates the positive impact provided by various glazing compositions through your mobile device.