Saint-Gobain Glass Tech Hub

High performance glass and glazing solutions

Saint-Gobain Glass is part of the 350 year old Saint-Gobain Group; a global leader in the development of innovative, building materials.  We play our part in designing some of the world’s most iconic architectural projects, offering a wide range of innovative glass solutions for glazing and façades.

Partners such as visionary architects, or contractors striving to deliver the ultimate building envelope, have helped establish Saint-Gobain Glass as a key glazing supplier to the global construction industry.

We respond to your needs with solar and heat control, market-leading aesthetics, large dimensions and curved glass.  Our range of glazing products are ideal for all building projects, including hospitals, schools, office buildings, homes and buildings that need responsive solar heat reduction and daylight.

Our high-performance glass features in some of the worlds most iconic buildings, including the UN building in Geneva, the Broad Museum in Los Angeles and Tower Bridge in London.

Discover more on the Saint-Gobain Glass Tech Hub, a platform developed to provide expert knowledge and support to stakeholders involved in the glass and glazing supply chain.  From design and specification, to fabrication and installation, the Saint-Gobain Glass team can provide guidance to help you to select the right product for your building project, considering the need for performance, aesthetics and the ongoing drive to improve sustainability.

The Saint-Gobain Glass Tech Hub is packed with information about our range of building glass products, including products that deliver:

  • Solar Control
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Noise Reduction
  • Safety and Security
  • Self Cleaning and Low Maintenance
  • Design and Decor Ranges
  • Fire Glass

Saint-Gobain Glass products can be processed into a wide range of interior and exterior applications, suitable for use across all building sectors.

Please take a look around the Saint-Gobain Glass Tech Hub and access support via our digital tools to help you to understand more about building glass.  Glass is a beautiful, versatile and sustainable building material when specified, processed and installed correctly.

If you would like more support, please get in touch.  Saint-Gobain Glass is a global business with far reaching technical and R&D resources.  We are happy to help you specify a solution for your building project.